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Retaliation in the workplace typically occurs when an employer takes punitive action against an employee who is acting to alleviate discrimination.

Intimidation is intended to prevent an employee from pursuing, or continuing to pursue, some action in response to protected discrimination. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission maintains and enforces guidelines that protect employees from intimidation and retaliation in cases related to discrimination on the basis of age, race, religion, disability, sex and national origin.

Share your Maxine and April moments, so people don't think this is rare."And share they did.

Petite black women being told by white colleagues they were intimidating.

Black women lack sponsors, powerful leaders who are their advocates inside the company.

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Whistleblower protection policy is based on analysis of around 20 statutes relating to particular industries or actions.That’s intimidating for anyone, male or female,” she says.Likewise, “America’s sweetheart,” award-winning journalist Katie Couric, believes it wasn’t just her perky femininity that got heads of state talking.And then the room would hear it, understand it, and get behind it,” Yvette Miley, senior vice president and executive editor of MSNBC, said.In a world where one aptly timed game-changing idea can be the catalyst for promotion, being rendered invisible can severely truncate black women’s career opportunities.

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