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The most common way we sabotage new love possibilities is through what I call the Wave of Distancing (or simply, the Wave).The Wave occurs when we unconsciously push a caring and available person away by inwardly diminishing his or her worth.

So instead of asking, “How can I fix this part of me?• Their flaws make you quickly lose respect for them, even if you don't show it • You start yearning for the excitement of the hunt • You feel like a fraud, pretending you're still interested when inside you just don't feel it anymore. If we can't navigate the Wave, we'll keep going after the wrong people and passing the right ones by. I've seen many people change their entire relationship futures simply by recognizing the Wave for what it is -- and responding to it in a new way. The main thing is to recognize that it is just a wave. In most cases, your affection just went temporarily underground.How many people do you know who've been in a new relationship, only to have their partner flee for no valid reason? Even though you can't feel it, its probably still there.This isn’t as impossible as it may seem (“No one will have time.” “I can’t talk about this.”) since they are not lengthy activities and rely on the reader to find their comfort level. As much as there’s a spirit of helping yourself, there’s also an acknowledgement of the importance of others – your tribe, your community – and how finding them is part of the process. You need people who know the best parts of you and emphasize those.There are dating and relationships tips, to be sure.

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