Was dmx dating aaliyah

The 25th of August marks the 11th year anniversary of the day R&B singer Aaliyah was tragically taken from this earth.

She died in a fatal plane crash that not only claimed her life, but several of her associates.

You know, no different than putting a loaded gun in a kid's hand — he gonna grow up being a shooter, probably.

I think it affects you tremendously when that happens at an early age. Your hormones are up more than they would normally be. Kelly recalled his relationship with the late Aaliyah and said they were both in love.

“Well, because of Aaliyah's passing, as I've always said, out of respect for her mother who's sick and her father who's passed, I will never have that conversation with anyone," he said.

"Out of respect for Aaliyah, and her mother and father who has asked me not to personally.

But I can tell you I loved her, I can tell you she loved me, we was very close.

As a talent, I think she’s missed because she was unique and a true triple threat.“I wish it was like maybe seven years ago or maybe like 10 years ago where you know, catch him in the elevator, beat him up. countless ways to pay tribute the late, great Aaliyah than a messy "biographical" movie that merely pulls a few names, dates and locations from her life story. So instead of the hits that made a bona fide pop-star sensation, we get her takes on Marvin Gaye's "Got to Give It Up" and the Isley Brothers' "At Your Best"; meanwhile, we're supposed to forget that revolutionary songs like "Are You That Somebody?“My wife [Tashera Simmons] got mad because there was one scene I was sitting up on the bench and [Aaliyah] was sitting [below] between my legs.I had on a jean jacket, it was a little chilly, and [Aaliyah] just had on a T-shirt.

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