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If you wish, continue to discussion to add your views.- Thanks. She appeared as a guest star in the fifth episode of the series The Greatest American Hero, 'Saturday on Sunset Boulevard', as the Italian heiress Theresa Chimerosa (or Valenkov), in 1981.She liked this young actress and after a few inteviews, they had their Lucy.Georgie has played the role of Lucy Pevensie ever since then.They broke up and now he is dating Alexa Hamilton (from 2008-now) who is a 42 year old whereas William Moseley is only 21.here originally i had a sort of rave saying this is grose, unatural etc.

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But, after viewing discussion, i was a bit harsh, i still think though, that to date someone twice your age is not good.An original song of Alexa's "I Won't Let You Lose Me" (featured on her debut EP ) was used a capella for the opening theme in Scotland's Edinburgh Festival production of Sam Shepard's "Fool For Love", a play in which Alexa also starred.Alexa a une merveilleuse voix et un immense talent , J\'ai connu Alexa en tant qu\'actrice puis grace a Myspace j\' ai découvert la chanteuse je suis fan de son CD j\'aime cette voix chaude j\' aime la chanteuse!! In 2005, Hamilton returned to NBC in the starring role of "Rachel Clarke" in the Hallmark miniseries of The Poseidon Adventure.2008 marked the release of Alexa's first CD of original songs, "Who Knew".

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